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We’re not quite sure anymore how we met. Berlin being what it is, it was probably at a party – furniture cleared from the bedroom so sock-slippered feet could dance on wooden floors as someone cued YouTube tracks from an open laptop. You either learn a lot or nothing at all about other people at parties, and we learned a few important things about each other early on. We love cooking, and we love cooking for other people. Soon, we were throwing parties of our own, friends clustered around tables cobbled together from desks and workbenches. When we ran out of dishes, we’d serve the salad in the flower pot, the wine from washed-out jam jars.

The Wolf & Peter was born from the spirit of those freewheeling dinners, where we invited people from different circles and watched strangers become friends over a turkey roast or the last split biscuit steaming in the basket. We come from different backgrounds and different countries, but what we share is a creative passion for bringing people together over a meal. We believe in food as an intimate experience, as personal expression, as culture, history, pleasure, and inspiration. And we believe one of the greatest gifts is a community interested in exploring the boundaries of what it means to break bread together.

What we do


When we cater an event, we deliver a complete concept – from food and paired beverages to table settings, décor, and plating. We work closely with clients to create an event that reflects personal tastes and preferences, just as we work with local producers and vendors so every meal is a truly made-in-Berlin experience.


No space is safe: We arrange workshops, lessons, and private dinners in other people’s kitchens, galleries, bars, basements, etc. Guerilla food at its finest – exploring a surprising combination of disciplines and the ways in which where you eat shapes what you eat.

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The Wolf & Peter is Anna Thieme and Lyz Pfister. We create curated food experiences. We live and work in Berlin.

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